How to print the map using Net-print

Net print is a service by the Seven-Eleven convenience store where you can print out uploaded file using a simple ID. We have uploaded the English version of the map for you to carry while you participate in the event.

To use Net Print, go to a nearest Seven Eleven store and find the copying / printing machine. Select Net Print, or 「ネットプリント」on the terminal. In this machine, it happens to be in to lower left corner.

Enter the code for the English version which is ******  (removed the code since it is no longer valid). Using the "Reveal code" 「表示する」 button makes it easier to check.

You can print the map into two separate papers, but to make it more beautiful, you can select duplex long sided printing.

This is the screen which already selected duplex-long sided 「両面 長辺とじ」in Japanese if you are asking for assistance from a Japanese staff. 200 yen is required to print.

All the relevant information is within the map. Please note that the special event is only in Japanese and there will be no translation service available.

Hope you have a nice Mission Day!

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